Liquid Black Soap Cleanser

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Product Description:

For generations African Black Soap has been a beauty secret known for it's incredible ability to treat common cosmetic concerns such as hyperpigmentation, redness, acne, texture, eczema & aging. Naturally antibacterial & slightly exfoliating, our Black Soap Cleanser is 100% natural & authentic to the country of Ghana, formulated from a recipe passed through centuries. 


cocoa pods, palm kernal oil, purified water, unrefined shea butter, natural vitamin E, plaintain ashes, cocoa butter


**Cleansing Brush not included.

Although suitable for all skin types, using it correctly & in moderation can prevent unnecessary side effects such as dryness, redness or irritation. For those with caffeine sensitivities or chocolate allergies, the high concentration of cocoa pods may pose an issue.**